Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Burning potential.

In its strongest support for Ukraine since the invasion, the UN General Assembly votes to demand Russia reverse its annexation ploy. / PBS NewsHour

Since Florida's ban, enacted in July, at least two children who were the victims of incest have been denied abortions. / BuzzFeed News

Social Security is getting its largest cost-of-living adjustment—an average increase of more than $140 per month—since 1984. / MarketWatch

Apparently inflation-proof, PepsiCo raised its revenue forecast by 12%. / Quartz

Citing Covid spikes in Europe, the White House says Americans should prepare for increased cases this winter. / NPR

A study of nearly 100,000 participants finds that up to 18 months after Covid infection, one in 20 people still had not recovered. / The Washington Post

The Jan. 6 House committee reportedly plans to vote to subpoena Trump. / NBC News

Disability advocates call the social media response to John Fetterman's first post-stroke interview "deeply unsettling." / BuzzFeed News

"Animal populations experience average decline of almost 70% since 1970, report reveals." / The Guardian

Damien Hirst began burning hundreds of his artworks this week after giving their owners the option to hold them as NFTs or possess the physical pieces. / Reuters

Before Stoker, modern Europe's original vampire novel was probably 1871's Carmilla, a book "colored by thinly veiled lesbian undertones." / Atlas Obscura

Some classic TMN Halloween fare: new endings to a scary story, holding on to a shared love of slasher movies through dementia, the horror movies you may not know. / The Morning News

A selection of awe-inspiring images from the 2022 Ocean Photographer of the Year contest. / Colossal

"What has tilted the Slacker/Striver binary has less to do with the definition of character and more to do with desire itself." What happened to the beloved slacker? / Dirt