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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Buzz love.

In an unexpected hearing, former Trump fixer Michael Cohen pled guilty this morning to lying to Congress about Trump's business dealings in Moscow.

Due to suicide and drug overdoses, American life expectancy continues to drop. It's the longest period of life expectancy decline in the US since 1918, in the midst of World War I and a flu pandemic.

House Democrats nominate Pelosi for incoming speaker of the house, and will next face a floor vote in January.

Donors spent more than $1,000 per vote in some DC education board elections.

Bankruptcy filings for farms in the American Midwest have more than doubled since Trump launched his trade war against China.

According to the FDA, more than 80,000 incidents involving pain-blocking medical devices have been reported since 2008.

There are fewer unauthorized immigrants in the US than at any time since 2004. Most of the decline was under Obama.

Inspired by current events, Margaret Atwood is writing a sequel to The Handmaid's Tale.

The left in the United States and abroad needs to challenge the sanctions orthodoxy of liberal internationalism, reinventing the power of economic pressure for progressive purposes while reducing its dangerous excesses in world politics. Sanctions do more harm than good, often hurting common people and consolidating dictatorial power.

An absolute must read: A deep dive into a cabal of interconnected online businesses that gets deeper and weirder at every turn.

UK police want to use predictive intelligence to identify potential criminals, and then avert crimes through counseling.

Alibaba's Jack Ma is a member of China's ruling party, and that means we're headed for a dystopian, smart-city future.

Google erased gender from its automated replies when its AI began assuming all bankers were men.

A massive Arizona wildfire was caused by a border agent's explosive gender-reveal gimmick.

To prevent cancer, firefighters must follow decontamination protocols—running counter to the urge to save others over themselves.

Then-and-now illustrations of New York City, by Julia Wertz.

Blame HGTV for the boom in big letters—that naughty spellers love to rearrange at Target.

Beautiful, close-up glamour shots of bees.

He looks at me with strange eyes; he does not speak, he whispers: “To the bridge.” He is very pale, the constable, and very lean. His face—his face is like a skull: it is a skull. No; but how hollow are his eyes! How sharp and prominent are his cheekbones! How British socialists from 1880 to 1920 used fairy tales to inspire followers.

At six-foot-four, Knickers the Giant Steer is too big to be sent to the abattoir. He literally won't fit.