Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Capitol defense.

The House of Representatives is closed today out of concern that QAnon believers—who believe Trump is to be restored to power on March 4—may attempt to storm the Capitol. / BBC, the Week

An intelligence bulletin discusses extremists' plans to "take control of the US Capitol...on or about 4 March." / Twitter

Related: Capitol security and the FBI are on alert. / NBC News

Yesterday, the House passed a sweeping voting rights bill that would restrict gerrymandering—and that will almost certainly be filibustered to death in the Senate. / Associated Press

New evidence shows the Covid vaccines appear to reduce viral transmission, a point that wasn't fully known when the vaccines were introduced. / Vox

Confusing public health messaging has created a new type of vaccine skeptic: people who "don't see why they should be vaccinated at all." / The Daily Beast

A map shows where America's vaccine rollout has slowed. / Fast Company

Wealthy white Floridians are taking the vaccines that were supposed to go to rural Black communities. / STAT

Related: Gov. DeSantis has played a heavy hand in Florida's unequal vaccine distribution methods. / The Washington Post

America's three largest cities spent $2.5 billion over the past 10 years settling lawsuits over police misconduct. / The Marshall Project

In Myanmar's deadliest day since the military coup, at least 38 people were killed in protests on Wednesday. / Al Jazeera

Smugglers threw 80 migrants overboard near the Red Sea, and at least 20 drowned. It's the third time something like this has happened in the past six months. / The New York Times

What if we passed a one-time wealth tax to fund pandemic relief? Yale Law School's Daniel Markovits makes the case. / The Morning News

Sabotage isn't just blowing things up. E.g., it can undermine the notions of private property that constrain the climate movement. / Verso Books

Restaurant critic Tejal Rao employs burnt oranges and "mindful smelling" to try to regain her sense of smell, post-Covid. / The New York Times

Jazz musicians use software called JackTrip to play together during the pandemic. "Whoo, I feel like we're in business now!" / The New Yorker

Haruki Murakami designs a line of T-shirts for UNIQLO featuring motifs from his novels. / Spoon & Tamago

Speaking of books and clothes, we've restocked the TMN Store with new items for this year's Tournament of Books! (As a reminder, Sustaining Members get 50% off all purchases.) / Teespring, TMN Membership

A top Nike executive loses her job after her son, a top "sneaker flipper" known as "West Coast Joe," is profiled in the press. / Slate

"Patience I don't possess, but perseverance? You're talking to someone who recorded 555 Scarlatti sonatas." Remembering Scott Ross, the "bad boy" harpsichordist and the best of his era. / The New York Times

A massive new study says advertising doesn't work, or at least is too expensive to get anything out of it. / Freakonomics