Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Cave life.

The number of undocumented migrants at the US-Mexico border has reached its highest number—180,034—since April 2000. / BBC

These are the countries the State Dept. says vaccinated Americans can travel to—though there's no guarantee they'll be let in. / Quartz

June appears to be the first month since before the pandemic that US events will bring in more than a billion dollars. / Recode

Health officials predict San Francisco will be the first major US city to reach herd immunity. / The Guardian

Created in 1978 and long believed lost, the first-ever Pride flag has been found and is now back home in San Francisco. / SFist

In 1963, a French geologist spent two months in a dark cave to investigate time—something he quickly lost the ability to measure. / Futility Closet

Thawed after 24,000 years in permafrost, Siberian rotifers are able to feed, drink, and reproduce. / CNN

The Interior Dept.'s watchdog says protestors were violently cleared from a DC park last year in order to install new fencing, and not for Trump's photo op with a Bible. / CNBC

"The cosmopolitan outlook of Smart America overlaps in some areas with the libertarian views of Free America." How America fractured into four parts. / The Atlantic

The Keystone XL pipeline project is officially, finally dead. / BuzzFeed News

Meat supplier JBS, which shut down over Memorial Day weekend in a ransomware attack, says it paid $11 million in bitcoin to hackers. / ABC News

To operate an encrypted phone company for snaring criminals, the FBI actually had to run the company, including everything from marketing to customer support. / VICE

How did a New Jersey deli become worth $113 million? A "reverse merger" shell game of sorts. / The New York Times

The rise of small menus is a big win for restaurants and for customers. / Grub Street

Trading on its aristocratic origins, ballet remains rife with exploitation—but dancers are starting to see themselves as workers. / The Baffler

Praise for the polikatoikias of Athens—concrete apartments built quickly to create affordable housing. / Bloomberg

Every engineering project has a "factor of safety," but this objective-sounding metric turns out to be as jury-rigged as anything. / Why Is This Interesting?

France's abandoned discos, photographed. Why do so many have Egyptian themes? / Flashbak