Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Cold war

Joe Biden wins the battleground prizes of Michigan and Wisconsin, leaving him one battleground state away from victory. / The Associated Press

The Trump campaign launches a flurry of lawsuits. Meanwhile, Biden maintains narrow leads in Arizona and Nevada. / The Washington Post, The New York Times

As long as Biden’s edge in Arizona remains firm, Nevada is enough for him to win—without Pennsylvania or Georgia. Trump needs to clinch both Pennsylvania and Georgia to keep the White House. / Wake Up to Politics

Related: A layperson’s guide to the states and laws that may determine the outcome. / ProPublica

Activists stage rallies across the country demanding that vote counts proceed unimpeded. / Reuters

The 117th Congress will have a record number of Native American women. Also, eighteen interesting, lesser-known results from the elections. / The Guardian, GQ

What everyone’s talking about while we wait for the results: America’s domestic cold war. / The Atlantic

I.e., compared to 2016, Trump is on track to grow his popular vote total by millions of people, “not one of whom could have been under any illusions about what they were voting for.” / POLITICO

A Trump voter explains why some Trump voters conceal how they’re voting: they know they’ll be smeared for it. / The Forward

“Much less journalistic firepower has gone into probing the country than into pointing out the infinite faults of the man who, at the moment, leads it.” / The Columbia Journalism Review

Based on the raft of recent propositions, is California secretly libertarian? / The Grumpy Economist

Up until 1804, the person who received the second most votes in a presidential election became the vice president. / The Charlotte Observer

If Biden wins and the US reenters the Paris accord, it will enter an escalating race between the biggest economies on earth. / Vox

Seventy per cent of voters favor “increasing government spending on green and renewable energy.” / Twitter

Even without a presidential winner, one thing is certain: “The 2020 election results were a disaster for public health.” / STAT

A man who died from the coronavirus appears to have won a seat in North Dakota's state legislature. / BuzzFeed News

Watch: A portrait of what it’s like to be a 10-year-old during a pandemic—possibly the best age for the present moment. / The Morning News

Among ways to find focus despite election results: avoid "reactive work" and prioritize what needs your fullest attention. / Quartz

A quiz demonstrates how the way we view history is largely defined by aesthetics that we associate with each period. / The Pudding

"The thing about a $590 T-shirt is that, upon acquiring one, you immediately become the human assistant to a $590 T-shirt." / The New York Times