New York passes a $4 billion environmental bond act to disburse benefits to communities most impacted by the climate crisis. / The Guardian

France plans to require all large parking lots to be covered by solar panels. Japan seeks to turn down private air conditioners remotely. / Electrek, Japan Today

During the midterms, every ballot question pertaining to abortion went in favor of reproductive rights, even in red states. / Quartz

Rupert Murdoch's media empire unloads on Donald Trump. / Reliable Sources

Crypto's Sam Bankman-Fried experiences the biggest one-day wealth collapse among billionaires ever recorded. / Business Insider

See also: "Boomers will believe everything they see on Facebook, but people born in my generation will believe anything they see on TikTok." / The Washington Post

A study finds mindfulness meditation to work as well as Lexapro at treating anxiety. / The Associated Press

Researchers have translated the first sentence written in the ancient language of Canaanites. It's about head lice. / Sky News

A poem for your Thursday about aging: "A Cottony Fate" by Jane Hirshfield. / The Paris Review

The "dad-sneaker" movement continues despite having a "'did you get those at Payless?' look." / The Wall Street Journal

Some recent podcasts we've liked recently: Obsessions: Wild Chocolate and Good Cult. / Air Mail, Boing Boing

McDonald's creates a grease-proof gaming chair. / Gizmodo

Jim Henson made some pretty violent coffee commercials with puppets in the late 1950s. / TMN