Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Declare the pennies on your eyes.

Today Senate Republicans are likely to reveal their tax plan, which is expected to eliminate deduction of state and local taxes and partially remove the estate tax.

The new House GOP tax plan violates the Byrd Rule, which prohibits massive deficit increases over the next 10 years.

Maine voters chose to expand Medicaid under the ACA on Tuesday, but longtime ACA opponent Gov. LePage refuses to implement it unless the state legislature funds it.

“Gillespie ran a campaign best described as Trumpism Without Trump, and the fact that he lost handily suggests that Republicans are in for a bruising year in 2018, when Trump’s name won’t be on the midterm ballots.” One takeaway from yesterday’s election results is that Trump is only a person, not a movement.

All of Kevin Spacey's scenes will be reshot for the already completed movie All the Money in the World, which director Ridley Scott says will still open on Dec. 22.

Like their predecessors, the Stranger Things child stars are being sexualized by the media. This must stop.

“If you are white and middle class, it’s much easier to remove the negative consequences of a use disorder. I did some very interesting things to support my habit and to find relief. And transitioning out of that without a criminal record at all? I think it speaks for itself.” Gary Younge travels the US to find the current state of American white identity.

Following Nicaragua in October, Syria to join the Paris climate agreement; the US is the sole country in opposition.

Researchers investigate soft permafrost to get a jump on the ancient bacteria and viruses that may pose new threats.

France rescinds Le Pen's immunity from prosecution over disturbing ISIS images she posted to Twitter in 2015.

A Toronto restaurant wants to reduce stigma with a kitchen staff that's entirely HIV positive.

Saying overreach hurts patients, doctor fights medical board after her license is revoked over computer illiteracy.

To track opioid use, doctors are ordering more urine tests, and billing millions more to Medicare.

Following years of America defunding its SETI programs, it's China—not the US—that will likely make first contact.

"I totally get the irony." Emailer who pranked Scaramucci, others quits after mistakenly leaking his email address.

Meat Loaf and "Total Eclipse of the Heart" songwriter Jim Steinman's earnest, Wagnerian style is so un-2017.

Tumblr teens head to college, and "intellectual copyright is under siege as much conceptually as it is literally."

A history of PowerPoint, which began as a visualization of object-oriented programming.

The "retail apocalypse" is coming. Here's how, in charts.

At current rates of holiday decoration creep, in 2120 Christmas will arrive in July.

Museum spots a grasshopper stuck in Van Gogh's 1889 Olive Trees—a not-uncommon find on outdoor paintings.