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Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Declined

In late September, Trump wanted the Attorney General to hold a press conference clearing him of wrongdoing on Ukraine. Barr declined.

A good summary: “Impeachment transcripts reveal a consistent, damaging narrative for Trump.”

Confirmation of two judges this week will mean Trump has seated a quarter of the 179 federal appeals court seats.

The "Trump Infallibility Doctrine" holds that nothing he does can be considered unjust, so long as he retains political support.

"Central America is falling off a demographic cliff," and other facts you may have missed related to immigration.

Related: Morrissey fans in "Moz Angeles" attempt to reconcile their love with the singer's anti-immigration politics.

Warren’s health care plan will cost more than she says. Still, it’s the most economically savvy single-payer plan going.

New documents show not just a pattern but “potential systemic issues” of sexual harassment at the Justice Department.

During Baghdad's biggest anti-government demonstrations in decades, protesters say the government is beholden to outsiders.

A 25-year-old politician is heckled during a climate crisis speech. Her reply: “OK, boomer.”

Over 25,000 people have participated in “living funerals” in South Korea, hoping to improve their lives by simulating death.

A spatial installation in Tokyo uses 400 wires, each one rotated slightly from the next.

Watch: An artful short film finds a pair of AI assistants in conversation after their humans go missing (in outer space).

Leaked documents show Facebook tapped user data to fight rivals and help partners.

A Florida detective is the first to obtain a warrant to penetrate GEDmatch—suggesting no genetic information is legally protected.

In 1995, taxable land in Silicon Valley had a total assessed value of $115 billion. In 2019, it was $516 billion.

Trader Joe’s doesn't advertise, but its following is so devoted there are hierarchies of fans, with influencers at the top.

Futurists enjoy contemplating a world with no internet, but they're not scared of it (because it's not plausible).

An infatuation with seeking out the wilderness can sometimes be "a poorly cloaked exercise in colonial nostalgia."

One of the co-founders of F.L.O.W.—the feminist library on wheels—explains how to run a bookshop from a bicycle.

As a teenager, Kim Gordon was thrown in "Disneyland jail" for smoking weed on Tom Sawyer Island.