Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Democracy dies in daylight.

In what's being viewed as a significant escalation of the US-China trade war, Canada has arrested Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou—who is also the daughter of the company's founder—at the request of the US, though no charges have been made public.

New clues in the Marriott data breach reveal signs that Chinese government intelligence is behind the hacking.

Yesterday, Wisconsin Republicans passed a series of bills overtly designed to handcuff the state's incoming Democratic leadership, including limits on early voting and shifting powers from the governor to lawmakers.

Related: Republicans in Michigan, where midterms brought new Democratic leadership, are now trying to do the same thing.

The list of missing people in Paradise, Calif., once topped 1,300. Now it’s down to 11 names.

An ongoing photo chronicle of the migrant caravan camped out less than 20 miles from downtown San Diego.

Modern history has taught us that ideas promoted by obscure intellectuals writing in little magazines have a way of escaping the often benign intentions of their champions. Young conservative writers and thinkers in Europe, mainly Catholic conservatives, are being dismissed. Not wise.

For a second year, Spotify's most streamed artists list is all men. The music industry's gender equality numbers are equally grim.

Properly contextualized, these new materials reconnect Malcolm to the intergenerational black nationalist tradition that he hoped his personal story might embody. Previously unpublished materials prompt a reexamination of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

The Strand Bookstore begs New York City not to make it a landmark, as doing so would bring new restrictions that often come at a hefty price.

The most interesting overlooked spot of your local library? A tucked-away shelf labeled "Recently Returned."

A novelist installed a piece of malware to record every stroke he made while writing his new book.

Judith's close association with cheese made it a natural Hanukkah dish. Your Hanukkah questions, answered.

Parking spaces in Los Angeles County cover an area 4.4 times the size of Manhattan.

Mothers and fathers who have a child placed in foster care because they are incarcerated—but who have not been accused of child abuse, neglect, endangerment, or even drug or alcohol use—are more likely to have their parental rights terminated than those who physically or sexually assault their kids. An ongoing family crisis: people being stripped of parental rights while incarcerated, even for minor crimes.

A 13-year-old former foster child describes the eight homes he's lived in since birth.

An interview with the founder of "RezRoads"—two Navajo travelers documenting the greater Four Corners area.

A seven-year-old and his family made $22 million in 12 months by reviewing and playing with toys on YouTube.

He had a shifting wardrobe of at least a dozen fur coats, some of them dyed. The first biography of Edward Gorey has arrived.