Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Democratizing turmoil.

An interactive explanation of how Ukraine blew up the Kerch Strait Bridge connecting Russia to Crimea. / The New York Times

"Everybody's a Joe Manchin." By only the slimmest of margins, Republicans have won the House of Representatives. Expect turmoil. / Politico

After two decades of leading House Democrats, Pelosi announces she won't run for a leadership post. / CNN

Democrats are running out of time to raise the debt ceiling, which everyone expects will be used as a bargaining chip when the new Congress convenes in 2023. / Vox

Related: An illustrated explainer of the debt ceiling, by Mike Duncan and Jason Novak. / The Morning News

The NYPD is paying an apartment address in East Flatbush $2 million as part of a surveillance contract the renter has never even heard about. / New York Daily News

California banned inhumanely raised meats—a move that could unlock a spiral of counter-bans between states with different morals. / The Regulatory Review

Health experts worry the pandemic is ushering in a "cancer epidemic" for Europe, due to missed diagnoses and halted research. / The Guardian

"You may not be aware of this, but you can read everything that your doctor writes about you." / The Atlantic

As part of the FTX fallout, celebrity endorsers are being sued for taking part in ads targeting "unsophisticated investors." / Investopedia

See also: "Larry David sued for crypto ad in which he talked crap about crypto, which feels about right." / AV Club

Related: A flowchart of how FTX's collapse is now spreading across other crypto entities. / Molly White

A doc containing nearly every Twitter meme since 2019. / Google Docs

See also: "Working in online culture can drain people." An interview with the person behind the doc, which was originally created to ease social media managers' burdens. / BuzzFeed News

Björk, Coldplay, and Animal Collective are among the artists to cite the cantina band from Star Wars as an influence. / The Guardian

Photos of imagined real-life dramas, by Mary Frey. / Mary Frey Photography