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Thursday headlines: Dim sun

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The Biden administration is considering whether to impose domestic travel restrictions, including on Florida, to contain coronavirus mutations. / The Miami Herald

The UK government defends its threat of a 10-year jail term for anyone found to have falsified their recent travel history. / BBC News

A tragic story—of our incredibly broken health care system, mainly—of two patriarchs dying from Covid-19 in a struggling Los Angeles hospital. / The New York Times

Europe's oldest person survives Covid just before her 117th birthday. / CNN

According to a CDC study, wearing a double mask or fitting a single mask more closely on the face substantially reduces the risk of infection from Covid. / The Wall Street Journal

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The US Army congratulates itself for taking one year—not two!—to develop a Combat Cloth Face Covering (CCFC) for soldiers. / Defense News

House Democrats deploy new videos to make their case for impeaching former President Trump. / Wake up to Politics

Related: Impeachment managers tell Republicans the Capitol mob came for them, too. / The Washington Post

A majority of the people arrested for the Capitol attack shared a history of financial problems. / The Washington Post 

Prosecutors in Georgia start a criminal investigation into Trump’s attempts to overturn the state’s election results. / The New York Times

Here’s a quote to sum up the latest book from climate journalist Elizabeth Kolbert: “We live in a world where deliberately dimming the fucking sun might be less risky than not doing it.” / The Morning News

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Some people say “life on the blockchain” is the future of the internet (and us). And some people find that very alienating. / Bloomberg

Major League Baseball quietly "deadens" its balls, crediting a recent surge in homeruns to balls made with less drag. / The Associated Press

For those who relish horror stories about real estate in New York City: a horror story about real estate in New York City. / The Cut

“New York is the best city to cry in.” A poem for anybody who misses pre-pandemic life in big cities. / LitHub

Headline of the week? "Fisherman with too many lines blames it all on Match.com." / The Brainerd Dispatch