Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Dissemblance of things past.

A new law in Poland barring restitution for Holocaust survivors takes effect today, during Yom Kippur. / THINK

An incredibly detailed tool for calculating Covid risk for various activities based on location, vaccination status, and more. / microCOVID

Valley fever, a fungal infection that can turn deadly, is on the rise in the western US, and climate change is driving the increase. / Grist

A right-wing group wants Texas teachers to say whether they're being asked to respect students' gender identity or teach CRT. / them

The Osage Nation calls the sale of a sacred rock art cave in Missouri "truly heartbreaking." / Hyperallergic

Kudzanai Chiurai's "The Library of Things We Forgot to Remember" asks visitors to curate southern African art and history. / The Conversation

Murals depicting western mythology photographed in their extremely non-mythological surroundings, by Lucas Deshazer. / Booooooom

New Yorker archivist Erin Overbey unearths 30 years of the magazine's severe lack of byline diversity. / Intelligencer

"The business of comedy is not actually about jokes so much as audience shares and sponsors and streams and tickets." Norm Macdonald cared more about jokes than his career. / Gawker

How music rights and interpolation work, and why it matters that Olivia Rodrigo shared a songwriting credit with Paramore. / The Verge

SoundCloud says its new fan-powered royalty approach increased Portishead's revenue for a track by 500%. / Pitchfork

A cryptocurrency model, Friends With Benefits, has the potential to transform the community of electronic music fans and artists. / Resident Advisor

"We lived off social security and hotdogs." Cup of Jo's comments are what it looks like when real humans connect with each other. / Kottke

The game developers who are making new titles for vintage consoles. / The Guardian

"It's a vision of a masculinity I've never experienced before." On the gentle assurance of DIY YouTube dads. / Men Yell at Me

Miniature, fanciful signage installations in cities, by Michael Pederson. / Colossal