Them Headlines Here

Thursday headlines: Don’t just do it.

Greenland's ice is melting six times faster than it did in the 1980s. The ice losses are likely to get worse.

More than 600 million Indians face acute water shortages. Climate change will be a "force multiplier" for the crisis.

Los Angeles has a shade problem—often understood as "a luxury amenity," on many blocks it's basically outlawed.

The world economy may be "slowbalizing," where global value chains decline relative to world GDP.

When Chinese money goes to an African country, it often flows heavily to the political leaders' home regions.

Japan begins a new imperial era on May 1, requiring systems, calendars, and all government forms to reset their clocks.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary just got 640 additions, including "stan," "bottom surgery," and "garbage time."

Biden announces and tells supporters that the amount of money he can raise in the first 24 hours is the new New Hampshire.

According to the latest polling, it’s Biden and Bernie by far with the most support.

Facing all-out resistance from the White House, Democrats in Congress turn to the courts.

Meet William F. Weld, Trump’s sole competitor and a favorite of Whole Foods Republicans.

A classic for your coffee break: In 1992, Susan Orlean profiled a 10-year-old boy.

Claude Lévi-Strauss’s work wasn’t just academic. It was “the work of a man in exile, and the product of a world in crisis.”

“Don’t just do it. Think it too.” Some people say thought is the enemy of skill. Not so in the case of champion marathon runner Yuki Kawauchi.

In baseball's early decades, many people doubted "the very notion that a ball could curve."

Watch: Footage from the first time a drone was used to rediscover a species of plant thought to be extinct.

In 1999, John Peel visited British towns that spawned music trends.

See also: UK club nights from the 1980s, in pictures.

Black Room is an online narrative game about "falling asleep while on your computer, on the internet."