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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Don’t let the door hit your cloak on the way out.

After multiple domain registrars banned The Daily Stormer, the white supremacist website moved to the Russian internet—where it's now been banned as well.

Cloudflare CEO explains why he kicked The Daily Stormer off its services: "The people behind the Daily Stormer are assholes and I’d had enough."

Tech companies, including Apple, GoDaddy, GoFundMe, Google, PayPal, and more are ejecting white supremacists from their platforms.

“Neo-Nazis may be expressing hated views, but they are still white, and law enforcement, the courts, and the state will treat them accordingly.” In an appraisal of free-speech absolutism, a brief comparison of Ferguson and Charlottesville.

Virginia State Police contradicts Gov. McAuliffe, says they weren't out-equipped, and no weapons caches were found in Charlottesville. Weapons caches, as Kristin Rawls notes in a Twitter thread, could mean something more sinister was in the works.

A running list of all the Confederate monuments across the US that have been removed, or are in the process of removal.

“The belief that America is somehow better than its white-supremacist history is sometimes an excuse masquerading as encouragement, and it’s part of the reason why the KKK is back in business.” Former UVA student Jia Tolentino on the downplaying of racism that’s specific to Charlottesville.

PSA: Unlike our current president and his cronies, "Don't be a sucker."

CNN doesn't plan to run Trump's new ad attacking CNN.

With waterfowl populations increasing, there is a duck for every 6.83 people in the United States.

“A crow was the only animal near me; it seemed quite bewildered, croaking and flying backwards and forwards near the ground in an uncertain manner.” A survey of reactions to solar eclipses from the Ancient Babylonians onward.

A peculiar version of komorebi: Some tree species exhibit "crown shyness," where canopies don't overlap.

For now, robots are concentrated in the auto industry—Vegas dealers haven't been automated yet.

Duct tape gets a fashion makeover from designer Raf Simons—black tape printed with "WALK WITH ME"—for $250 a roll.

For those who enjoy walking their cat: A brief history of feline travel.

“You shouldn’t be able to have a major seven and a dominant seven working together in the same chord,” but this jazzy, melodic grouping—B/G7—totally slaps.

Belle & Sebastian forget their drummer in a North Dakota Walmart bathroom.

Late to this, but: Marlon Sassy draws "Gangster Doodles" on Post-It notes.