Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Double-double

Donald Trump becomes the first American president to be impeached twice. Any trial in the Senate won’t begin before he leaves office. / Vox, CNN

Macaulay Culkin joins calls to get Donald Trump’s cameo removed from Home Alone 2. / The Guardian

Washington DC locks down a week before Biden’s inauguration, with hotels closing, Airbnb cancelling all reservations. / The Associated Press 

There are now more US troops deployed on Capitol Hill than in Iraq or Afghanistan. / Twitter

The FAA issues a “zero-tolerance” policy on unruly airline passengers. / NPR

A QAnon supporter raised nearly $40,000 to send protesters to DC last week, including some who carried guns. / BuzzFeed News

Democrats want an investigation into an “extremely high number of outside groups” showed around the Capitol on Jan. 5 at a time when most tours were restricted because of the pandemic. / The New York Times

At least one protest organizer said he coordinated with three House Republicans. / CNN

A playlist of Parler videos archived from the Capitol attack. Meanwhile, Telegram says it's battling an uptick in violent extremism amid a surge in new users. / YouTube, Twitter

Unrelated: People are hiring celebrities on Cameo to handle break-up announcements. / The New York Times

Meet Eugene Goodman, the Black officer who faced down a mostly white mob at the Capitol. / The Washington Post

Sam Sanders: The storming of the capitol is just the latest chapter in America’s ongoing battle over race. / NPR

Some related poetry for your week: “Foreday in the Morning,” by Jericho Brown. / On Being

The US reported more than 4,200 deaths from Covid-19 on Tuesday, bringing the nation’s total to more than 381,000. / The Washington Post

Helen Branswell: The plan to expand access to Covid vaccines likely sets up new debacles. / STAT

Healthcare workers share stories of kids apologizing to their dying parents and grandparents for giving them Covid. / The Los Angeles Times

RIP, the great tennis reporter Tom Perrotta, dead at 44 from brain cancer. A remembrance from Peter Bodo and many colleagues. / Tennis

Photographs of flowers submerged underwater by Barbara Cole. / Creative Boom

In case you missed it: A computer scientist determined April 11, 1954 to be "the most boring day in history." / The Atlantic

A Tokyo man who rents himself out to other people "to do nothing" can't keep up with the demand. / The Mainichi