Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Driving me backwards.

Retail pharmacies will now be able to distribute abortion pills, no longer requiring patients to receive the drugs directly from their medical provider or a mail-order pharmacy. / STAT

However, a federal judge who openly opposed Roe v. Wade might freeze the FDA's approval of one of the drugs as soon as next month. / Axios

The Social Security Administration uses outdated—and often extinct—job titles from 1977 when determining whether to approve or deny disability benefits. / The Washington Post

Here are all the details on why the stuff you buy now isn't as good as the stuff you used to buy. Vox

See also: All things considered, your electric vehicle may be better for the planet. Unless it's an electric Hummer with a battery that weighs as much as a Honda Civic. / The Atlantic

Car sales in the US are down 8% since last year, hitting their lowest level since 2011. / The Wall Street Journal

"Scientists see enormous potential in harnessing antibody drugs against an array of infectious-disease threats—if the costs come down." / The Washington Post

Citing "negative impacts on student learning, and concerns regarding the safety and accuracy of content," New York City's education department bans ChatGPT. / Chalkbeat New York

Sad news: Pop-Up Magazine has come to an end. And so has Berfrois. / Pop-Up Magazine, Berfrois

Two things to be thankful about: The raw chicken in the coffee machine was fake, and people are finally shitposting on LinkedIn. / VICE

"On the internet, some people ask: maybe we should teach kids about the Empire's horrors without Paddington?" How Paddington became an Establishment figurehead. / The Face

Watch: Real-life inventions from comic books, how the microwave accidentally came into existence, and AT&T accurately predicted our future back in 1993. / YouTube

Super Marios Bros. was designed on graph paper. / Kottke

"In response, Ticketmaster attempted to 'plant [local] news stories' that would undermine Pearl Jam." Ticketmaster has always been bad. / The American Prospect

A rescue beaver builds a dam in a hallway out of Christmas decorations. / YouTube