Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Earth control pills.

For Earth Day 2020, the side effects of the pandemic offer a glimpse of an alternative future.

"What the original Earth Day showed is that, when Americans are mobilized, remarkable things are possible.”

Advice from an emergency planner, a mosquito hunter, a survivalist and more on how to prepare for the crises coming next (!).

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Half of France’s private sector workers have now been laid off and will be paid by the government’s wage support program.

Cynthia Viteri, leader of Latin America’s hardest-hit city, offers lessons to other governments.

England’s chief medical officer says the chances of developing an effective vaccine for the coronavirus in the next 12 months are “incredibly small.”

A list of dozens of websites and datasets tracking policy responses to the pandemic.

States rushing to reopen are likely making a deadly error, coronavirus models and experts warn.

How did big businesses get coronavirus loans when so many small businesses were blocked? “Concierge treatment” from banks.

“Trump (the Company) Asks Trump (the Administration) for Hotel Relief.”

Some people say the subway caused New York City's coronavirus crisis; here are reasons why that may be wrong.

The US’s ousted vaccine chief says he was fired because he refused to spend federal dollars to support Trump’s embrace of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine.

From March 23 to April 6, Fox News hosts and guests mentioned hydroxychloroquine nearly 300 times. Recently, mentions of the drug have dropped 77 percent.

Reports from the front line of the White House’s rollbacks of decades of public health and environmental protections.

J. Kenji López-Alt explains the food expiration dates you should follow, and those you can ignore.

A new study finds that unfiltered coffee, like French press or boiled coffee, may worsen your cholesterol.

An alliance between food banks and corporate America shows itself to be more interested in “maintaining the problem of hunger than actually solving it.”

A visual poem for the moment, by Tracey McTague.

Producers of lo-fi hip-hop see a surge of listeners since the pandemic started. 

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Zoom screens we can get behind (or, in front of): Studio Ghibli releases a dozen video backgrounds. Also: The Bon Appétit test kitchen.