Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Endurance day

Foreign ministers from Russia and Ukraine meet without any agreement on a cease-fire. / The Guardian

Russia strikes a maternity and children's hospital. In the same city, people bury their dead in a large communal grave. / BBC News, The Associated Press

While Russian artists fear being canceled, Ukrainian curators scheme to show their exhibit at the 59th Venice Biennale. / Artsy

Headline of the week? "A Museum Is Using Its Erotic Ceramics Collection for Cancer Prevention." / Hyperallergic

Hong Kong grapples with a grueling Covid-19 outbreak. Previously, the city had a total Covid death toll of 213 people. / Foreign Policy Morning Brief

Something we didn't know: It's very difficult to lose stuff in Japan. / YouTube

Thousands of people roleplay as police officers in virtual reality, "engaging in a mix of right (saving hostages) and wrong (planting drugs on civilians)." / Input

More than $1.5 billion has been spent in the past decade to settle claims of police misconduct involving thousands of officers repeatedly accused of wrongdoing. / The Washington Post

Denton, Texas, is "a microcosm of global changes" that are turning the United States into an Eden for cryptocurrency miners. / BuzzFeed News

Interviews with customers at some of Los Angeles's most expensive gas stations. / The Los Angeles Times

Henry Grabar: When it comes to oil shocks, we have the memory of goldfish. / Slate

Australia declares a national emergency after weeks of severe flooding drench it's eastern coast. / Axios

Ernest Shackleton's ship, The Endurance, sank in 1915, has been found and is mostly intact. / Kottke

Eighteenth-century drawings from Thomas Wright, the first to describe the shape of the Milky Way. / Flashbak

If winter hasn't robbed you of any interest in icy things: An experimental film on the crystallization of ice stars. / The Morning News