Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Every moment of every weed.

The WHO is rolling out the first vaccine for malaria, a disease that kills hundreds of thousands every year, most of them under five years of age. / STAT

Pfizer has officially requested the FDA provide Emergency Use Authorization for its Covid vaccine for children aged 5 to 11. / NPR

Studies confirm waning immunity for Pfizer's Covid vaccine after around two months, and that women generally have longer protection than men. / CNN, The Hill

A Colorado hospital system says that due to increased post-op Covid mortality risk, it won't perform transplants for unvaccinated patients. / CBS News

During the Portland protests, the DHS improperly shared intelligence on protesters and journalists. / OregonLive

Connecticut anarchists are (illegally) building homes for homeless people living on public property. / Narratively

"I see myself as a representative of the proletariat." I am an anti-racist feminist, except when it interferes with my career as an academic. / McSweeney's

AT&T dreamed up One America News Network as a complement to the revenue-generating Fox, and provides 90% of OANN's revenue. / Reuters

A federal judge suspends Texas's abortion ban, denouncing the payment of bounties to private citizens "an unprecedented and transparent statutory scheme." / Associated Press

McConnell agrees to a short-term extension, into December, of the debt ceiling. / CNBC

"We should want diligent Congressional reporters to get into the weeds. But every movement of every weed doesn't need to drive its own, frenzied news cycle." / Columbia Journalism Review

A measure of the Moon's reflection of Earth's light shows the planet has been noticeably dimming over the past few years. / CNN

China's massive squid hunt off the Americas suggests a need for a High Seas Treaty to curb fishing and labor abuse. / Associated Press

A collection (with a quiz!) of fake temporary license tags spotted around Houston. / Houston Chronicle

See also: An informal study of license-plate prejudice. / The Morning News