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Thursday headlines: Every time you mask debate

Russia continues to run operations against the US, and the president continues to be unwilling to confront the Kremlin about it. / The Washington Post

Related: Trump confirms he has never raised the bounty issue with Putin. / Politico

China's incarceration of its Uighur population is the largest mass internment of an ethnic-religious minority since World War II. / Vox

The United Nations plans to install temporary housing for asylum seekers along the US-Mexico border. / NPR

The confirmed death toll from the coronavirus in the U.S. has hit 150,000, by the far the highest toll in the world. / The Associated Press

One reason so many Americans are dead: the scale of right-wing media organizations “that frequently broadcast falsehoods.” / The New York Times

See also: John Oliver stitches together clips of people saying “mask debate,” not something else. / Kottke

A limited-edition Dr. Fauci baseball card breaks Topps' all-time sales record: 51,512 cards in 24 hours. / The Hill

At least 20 researchers and technologists, including a famous Harvard geneticist, are taking a DIY coronavirus vaccine. / MIT Technology Review

As of yesterday, there were 199 vaccines for COVID-19 in development, with 19 in clinical testing. / COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

Related: An online comic by Monique Jackson about life after catching COVID-19. / It's Nice That

Almost 30 million Americans say they didn’t have enough to eat at some point last week. / Bloomberg

Jeva Lange: The current list of bestselling books is “a window into a country on edge.” / The Week

An interview with light artist Dustin Klein, who's projecting Black Lives Matter imagery on Richmond's Robert E. Lee monument. / My Modern Met

“I remember my father and mother saying ‘It’s a free country.’’’ A profile of Daniel Smith, 88, the son of an enslaved man. / The Washington Post

Research finds that short-term pleasurable activities (that don’t lead to long-term goals) contribute significantly to happiness. / The University of Zurich

Edith Zimmerman: “Life improves when I let go of ideas of what I want it to be.” / Drawing Links

As more male baby boomers die, women in the United States will possess $30 trillion of assets by 2030. / Quartz

Male scientists seem to think biases and blinders are psychological phenomena that exclusively afflict female academics. / Aeon

"This is the way you can actually open and be pretty safe." A Florida college explains how to switch to outdoor learning. / The Chronicle of Higher Education

Due to the effects of the shutdown, one-third of US museums face a significant risk of closing permanently by next fall. / NPR

For your armchair travel this week: A neo-futurist amusement park in France, or clubbing in Glasgow circa 1990, or how about poolside.fm? / Ignant, Flashbak, poolside

Scientists trace the origins of Stonehenge’s boulders to a site about 25 kilometers away. / ArsTechnica

Still remarkable: “So if U.F.O.s are no longer a matter of belief, what are they and how do they do what they do?” / The New York Times

This week at Camp ToB, the Commentariat dissects the ending for the Booker-longlisted Such a Fun Age. / The Morning News