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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Extremely loud and incredibly stupid.

Maps show the Russian military has entered the center of Mariupol, after a siege that's lasted more than 40 days. / The New York Times

This week, Kentucky lawmakers overrode the governor's veto of a bill that effectively ends abortion access, and Oklahoma's governor signed a bill criminalizing most abortions. / Lexington Herald-Leader, the 19th 

Inflation is, of course, on the rise in the US, though it's also increasing in most G20 nations. / Quartz

"Zuckerberg did exactly what he said he would do." Why the past decade in America has been so uniquely stupid. / The Atlantic

A breakdown of which news sources are most trusted by Democrats and Republicans—the Weather Channel holds bipartisan appeal. / Digg

An NFT of Jack Dorsey's first tweet sold for $2.9 million last year. In an auction this week, the top bid was $277. / CoinDesk

"No one really believed we could have influence over a company, and influencing AOL to do anything felt like changing the face of the entire internet." Hacking AOL inspired a generation of coders. / GitHub

See also: Turning various things—e.g., a Covid testing machine—into very bad hard drives. / Tom 7

"Ambient music was not just some commodified act of self-care. Listening to it demanded that I relinquish control." Combatting dread with ambient music. / The New York Times

See also: How music helps you fall asleep. / BuzzFeed News

Related/unrelated: How loud can a sound actually get? / YouTube

NASA provides a history of exoplanet observations as generative music. / Boing Boing

"Indeed, it looks more like a piece of graphic design than a member of the character set." In defense of the em dash. / Medium

A fascinating—and huge—map of Europe in 1444. / Visual Capitalist