Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Fake can be just as good.

Pelosi says the House will vote to limit Trump's war powers—though any legislation isn't likely to pass the Senate.

"You may be giving up your children, but by advocating for war, I’m risking my reputation." The case for war, by someone whose kids won’t die fighting in it.

Visualizing the extent of Australia's bushfires, air pollution—and changing climate.

Advances in lung cancer treatments sent US cancer death rates on their sharpest drop on record between 2016 and 2017.

A college degree still commands earning power—but for anyone born prior to the 1970s, it also paved a road to wealth.

No longer just for political purposes, black-hat PR firms boast disinformation services, offering to "change reality" for clients.

As fact-checkers expand beyond the empirical and into the political, some are distorting the truth they were supposed to uphold.

As social platforms crack down on deepfakes, propagandists stick to crudely manipulated images—which still move opinion.

TikTok built a deepfake maker and everything's going to be just fine.

Generate your own trailer for Koyaanisqatsi—a 1983 film of slow-motion and time-lapse footage—using random GIFs.

"Once I had ingested a pearl, a new virtual world would open." What it's like to attend a dinner party in VR.

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New research shows how Jupiter may be pulling in comets and flinging them to the inner solar system—i.e., us.

Scientists posit aggregated proteins may have helped preserve the structure of a 2,600-year-old piece of human brain.

Predatory hospitals won the 2019 Shkreli Awards, "the worst examples of profiteering and dysfunction in health care."

Cory Doctorow: Rules are necessary to promote free speech online. But as they get more complex, corporations win.

Beloved screenwriter, actor, and director Buck Henry, best known for The Graduate and SNL, has died at 89.

Promising a new future for paying songwriters, an investor is scooping up song rights—and now owns more than 1,000 number-one hits.

The story of a 1989 cult hip-hop record from New Orleans, as told through an escape from Hurricane Hugo.

With MVP contenders hailing from Greece and Slovenia, the NBA should scrap the All-Star Game and play US v. the World.

Rugs that evoke the natural world—that might otherwise be under our feet—by Alexandra Kehayoglou.