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Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Falling without grace.

A teenager killed 17 of his classmates and wounded 15 more at a South Florida school. Students documented the shooting as it happened.

Just seven weeks into 2018, this is America’s eighth school shooting to result in injury or death. Since 2013, we average one per week.

America’s gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher than a group of 22 other developed countries.

“‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.”

What is Atomwaffen, or the Atomwaffen Division? A small neo-Nazi group linked to multiple murders around America.

Sean Hannity retracts his latest conspiracy claim, that President Obama's new official portrait contains evidence of "hidden sperm."

Here’s Vinson Cunningham on what makes the Obama portrait great, artistically and politically.

"They have been through more than we can ever imagine." Abbie Trayler-Smith photographs Iraqi women post-ISIS.

Between 1998 and 2003, the conflict in Congo cost more lives than Syria, Iraq, Vietnam, or Korea—and now it’s sliding back to bloodshed.

What comes next in Syria: a more volatile phase where stakeholders ensure their interests are protected.

Tourism on Antarctica has grown by 20 times in the last 30 years, and visitors now want action sports.

An economics puzzle: Why have skateboards cost roughly $50 for the past 30 years? Because the industry agrees that’s the right price.

Seoul paid $2.64 million to cover the costs for hundreds of North Koreans to attend the Olympics.

Video: Not much has been seen of life in North Korea, never mind life at a North Korean ski resort.

If you’re from Norway, and you’re over 50, there's a ski pole from the 1982 world championships you'll never forget.

"Smart cities" are stupid—no gadgets or apps will make tomorrow's cities fundamentally better or more affordable.

An apparel company builds a dating site to pair you with environmental activists in your community. Also, there’s a matchmaking site for gorillas.

Today's America is not quite "the end of men," but it’s getting there—and unfortunately men aren’t accepting their fall with grace.

Serena Williams and plenty of the mainstream tennis media got catfished by a 20-year-old from the land of fake news.