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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Fantasmagoria.

In its first war-crimes trial, Ukraine will try a captured Russian soldier accused of killing a civilian. / NPR

Finland's leaders are in favor of dropping the nation's neutral status, and apply for NATO membership "without delay." / Associated Press

"She left her cellphone behind as a decoy and to avoid being tracked." How the Pussy Riot leader escaped Russia. / The New York Times

As expected, the bill to codify abortion rights failed yesterday in the Senate. BuzzFeed News

Spain is set to approve a law that would allow women over 16 to have abortions without permission from a parent or guardian, and give monthly menstrual leave. / The Guardian

A Florida state judge is blocking Gov. DeSantis's congressional map from November's election for breaking up a largely Black district. / Associated Press

A timeline of the past two years of Covid deaths in the US, alongside how the tolls compare to other large numbers of people. / Axios

North Korea enters nationwide lockdown after acknowledging its first Covid outbreak. / NPR

The MTA says subway graffiti is on the rise, though artists say it's the work of tourists, not locals. / Hyperallergic

See also: From 2005, our roundtable of NYC street artists. / The Morning News

New research suggests that by disrupting the body's natural recovery methods, anti-inflammatory drugs can make acute pain chronic. / STAT

Divers removed 25,000 pounds of trash from Lake Tahoe, 358.9 pounds of which were inner tubes. / San Francisco Chronicle

"There is no difference, ingredients-wise, between the Fanta in the fridge at the 7-Eleven and the Fanta of the spirits." / The New York Times

With the sunset of the iPod, here are the competitors that didn't make it. / Tedium

Just because robots can write poetry doesn't mean it's good—which calls into question what "good" means to us, exactly. / The New Criterion

"My neighbor growing up definitely went to jail for being involved in an organized ring of tractor thieves." Drew Millard on The Righteous Gemstones. / Dirt

The brutality of the YouTube celebrity pipeline. / Vox