Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Far too many of you dying.

From reentering the Paris climate agreement to repealing Trump's travel bans, here are details on the 17 executive orders Biden signed yesterday. / The New York Times

"Getting Americans to mask up will be critical during the early months of Biden's tenure." The nine biggest challenges Biden will face on Covid. / STAT

As of yesterday, it's been one year since the first reported coronavirus case in the US. / NBC News

Extrapolated from survey data, a US map shows how likely people in your county are to get vaccinated for Covid. / MIT Technology Review

The inauguration from inside QAnon: Followers are shocked Biden took office, and some major supporters appear to be forsaking the conspiracy theory. / HuffPost

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss on Trump: "He did, literally, the worst thing that an American president could ever do." / The Atlantic

Eugene Goodman, the Capitol Police officer who diverted insurrectionists away from lawmakers on Jan. 6, escorted Harris to the inauguration ceremony. / The Hill

Watch: Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman reads "The Hill We Climb," a poem she finished writing after the insurrection at the Capitol. / YouTube, the New York Times

The first White House briefing from new press secretary Jen Psaki was completely normal, a reversal from the past four years. / BuzzFeed News

Of the 282 things Trump promised to accomplish as president, he did 31. / The Washington Post

Inauguration sartorialism: Joe Biden wore Ralph Lauren, Kamala Harris and Jill Biden wore indie American designers, Bernie Sanders wore mittens. / GQ, Instagram, the New York Times 

Related: "Oh My God, Michelle Obama." / The Cut

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"Climate change isn’t an issue just for die-hards anymore—it’s for normies, sellouts, and anyone with their finger in the wind." / Intelligencer

With 242,000 acres, Bill and Melinda Gates are America's largest private farmland owners. / The Land Report

In Japan, where more than one in three people live alone, the pandemic is driving up sales of single-serving cookware and meals. / VICE

For the first time, Michelin has awarded a star in France to a vegan restaurant. / The Guardian

What it’s like to discover a Nazi lair underneath the house you just purchased. / Popula

Michigan names Jan. 20 "What's Going On" Day, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Marvin Gaye's groundbreaking song. / Detroit Free Press

"Bernays and his PR colleagues believed ordinary people to be incapable of logical thought." A brief history of consumer culture. / The MIT Press Reader

A complete list of Trump's Twitter insults, 2015-2021. / The New York Times