Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Feedback is dumb.

In a major new JAMA study, patients on opioids do no better than those taking alternatives.

The White House sues California to invalidate three of its immigration laws. Gov. Brown calls it a "stunt."

Governors in New England declare states of emergency in the face of another major winter storm.

After Hurricane Harvey, 30 percent of residents in flooded areas fell behind on their rent or mortgage.

A state of emergency is declared in Sri Lanka for the first time since its recent civil war.

Photographs from the shortlist of winners for Sony's 2018 World Photography Awards.

One of the most interesting stories we’ve read all week: a case of prejudice, feminism, and raunchy letters from early 20th-century Britain.

Online thieves impersonate authors in order to launder money through Amazon.

Feedback is rarely value-neutral. The implication is always that we should take the suggestion; that we will be better for doing so. That is not always true. Angela Chen on the downsides of “radical honesty.” For example, many opinions aren’t worth much at all.

Will Leitch struggles with how to properly raise his socially entitled, genetically gifted sons.