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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Find me in the conversation pit.

Biden revives the "cancer moonshot" program he led as vice president, and this time aims to cut death rates by more than half over the next 25 years. / The New York Times

A decade after receiving CAR T-cell therapy, two cancer patients still show no signs of their illness returning, and are effectively "cured of cancer." / The Guardian

Human Rights Watch investigates why Black women in Georgia die at much higher rates from cervical cancer than white women. / BuzzFeed News

See also: In the US, further bans and limitations on abortion will disproportionately harm—and kill—women of color. / Associated Press

Holding the power to report women seeking abortions, crisis pregnancy centers are "doing quiet damage on a local level." / BuzzFeed News

"Facebook aimed to bring everyone and their mother online, Tumblr was the opposite: an online underground." / The Atlantic

See also: For what may be the first time in its history, Facebook lost daily users. / Quartz

Alex Ross: "It is good to see Spotify suffer, at least in the short term." / The New Yorker

The video for Maylee Todd's "Infinite Program" is a soothing, 360-degree exploration of an otherworldly landscape. / The Morning News

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The Texas butterfly sanctuary that's been the target of Trump-allied conspiracy theorists is now closing indefinitely. / HuffPost

At least 387 lawsuits against Travis Scott over the deadly Astroworld festival have now been combined into a single case to be presided over by one judge. / Billboard

"This guy...recorded a 20-minute video about how much he hates me." Aubrey Hirsch on being a woman online. (Content warning.) / Men Yell at Me

In the late '70s, reggae fan Okuda Hiroko wrote the Casio MT-40 synth presets that would soon become the "Sleng Teng" riddim. /

"It gives me the sense there is something going that I am not quite privy to." The celebrity NFT complex. / Read Max

For much of human history—in fact, until 2010—there has been little consideration as to how animals treat their dead. / Motherboard

"What she really stands for is capital." How robot influencer Miquela Sousa has vaguely transcended today's culture wars. / The Drift

For those who haven't gone to the dentist since the pandemic began: You are not alone. / The Washington Post