Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Fire and ice

The Justice Dept. plans to charge Trump over mishandling of classified documents—and possibly in South Florida, which could curtail potential legal challenges. / The Washington Post

Parroting claims of voter fraud, right-wing groups in the US have targeted a system that actually helps identify cross-state voter fraud. / NPR

Facing a rise in far-right activity, Australia will ban Nazi symbols and paraphernalia. / Al Jazeera

No one seems able to define exactly what charisma is, but everyone wants it, and it's probably one of the most dangerous human qualities. / Noema

Videos of the smoke from the Canadian wildfires enveloping New York City, and before-and-after photos. / WABC, Digg

Related: With Canada's wildfire season expected to last into September, expect a summer of smoke. / CNN

A decade earlier than previously predicted, nearly all of the Arctic's sea ice will disappear in summer sometime in the 2030s. / Phys.org

Chinese leaders only now appear to have realized that, compared to most countries, China is particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels. / The Economist

A water-free, composting toilet from Finland has a star turn at this year's Venice Architecture Biennale. / Bloomberg

Fifty years ago, campus librarians designed search technology that closely resembles the search engines we know today. / Aeon

"A librarian sits between two internet users and continuously monitors what people on both sides are searching up." Using the internet in North Korea. / WIRED

Swimmers at two Southern California beaches are shockingly close to Great White Sharks 98% of the time. / KABC

"Assume everything around you is about to ignite and be lost forever." Four ways to save the music you love—because it could be gone before you know it. / Klang Magazine

Hey Rooster fans: Camp ToB 2023 is now in session with our first book of the summer, Jen Beagin's Big Swiss. / The Tournament of Books