Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Go jump in the allt.

Whitefish Energy Holdings LLC—the two-person Montana company that has personal links to a major Trump donor and the Interior Dept. and that was awarded, circumventing competitive bidding, the contract to restore Puerto Rico's power—apologizes after a day of sparring with the San Juan mayor over Twitter and threatening to leave.

Recovery orgs are sending junk food to Puerto Rico, which may seem wrong after a disaster—but it's typical.

The undocumented teen at the center of a month-long tussle between Obama-era abortion rules and Trump administration policies finally terminated her pregnancy this morning.

House Republicans to investigate the Obama Justice Dept.'s handling of Clinton's emails as well as the uranium deal.

The US Air Force will return nuclear-armed bombers to a readiness level unseen in the past 25 years.

Trump is torn by the poles of the reactionary mind—military distinction on one hand, and self-made men on the other.

Scientists are trying to understand how the universe can exist alongside matter and antimatter.

Following an antisemitic incident, an Italian football team will honor Anne Frank, plus take 200 fans to Auschwitz.

Chipotle never recovered from its 2015 illness incidents, and has only kept up sales by opening more stores.

On disease name origins: Cholera's vomiting and diarrhea was believed to rebalance the body's humors.

“My friend David Talbot went berserk at this line because he wants to believe that they are evil machinators pulling puppet strings. He was excoriating the series on Facebook and people were talking about how I had sold out and what a shithead I was.” Peter Coyote was a proto-hippie whose views don’t quite match his voicing of The Vietnam War documentary.

Crystal Castles were an abusive relationship: "He often told me how replaceable I was."

From “allt” to “beck” to “stream,” all the British names for waterways, mapped.

Mafaldine tops "a definitive ranking of non-primary-canon pasta shapes."

Beets became red because at one point they produced too much tyrosine, and had to find a use for it.

"Wardrobe Snacks" by stylist Michelle Maguire and photographer Kelsey McClellan perfectly pairs food and wardrobe.

"No plan can guarantee the survival of an artifact or a file directory, anyway. Fires rage; servers die."

Video: Whatever can fit in a box can fit in this box by Andrew Myers.