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Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Go squish

Total deaths in the United States from Covid-19 could reach 1 million by spring as vaccination rates remain lower than 60%. / The Guardian

Drug overdose deaths in the US top 100,000 for the first time. / NPR

"The Daily" podcast has policies designed to prevent misinformation in its advertisements. Exxon still found a way around during the recent Glasgow climate summit. / Heated

Regarding Glasgow: Will the climate pact be like the Montreal Protocol, its more successful predecessor, or Kyoto's doomed accord? / Wake Up to Politics

India shuts down coal plants around New Delhi as dangerously high pollution puts children in the hospital. / Reuters

How the game of Go explains China's recent aggression toward India. / The Economist

US legislators could learn from China's rapid implementation of tech reforms. It's also good to remember that China ranks last in the world for internet freedom. / Lawfare

Where is Peng Shuai? A #MeToo case pits women's tennis against Chinese censorship. / Tennis.com

An anything-goes ethos—even for homicide—has dogged Ukraine for years. Naturally, it's becoming a capital for crypto companies. / The New York Times

The Staples Center, home of the Lakers, will rebrand as Crypto.com Arena. / BBC News

A proposed design for a new building in Denver features a "landscaped rift" that will span 10 stories. / Moss and Fog

A rendering of an Apple Car using genuine patents filed by Apple Inc. / Vanarama

"An advanced city is not one where the poor can get around by car, but one where even the rich use public transportation." / Kottke

What it takes to be an unexpected hunk in TikTok thirst-trap culture. "My content is the opposite of feral." / Vox

Obituaries find new life in the Internet era, with news outlets stocking up in order to compete. / The Washington Post

See also: A woman gives her dog its annual performance review. / The Irish Examiner