Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Greatly impressive, sometimes revolutionary.

On a day of student protests against gun violence, a gunman shot two hospital employees at a University of Alabama hospital.

Fleeing ICE and, presumably, deportation, two die in a car crash in California.

Electricity demand in the US is flat, thanks to efficiency and outsourcing. Utilities failed to see it coming.

A good profile of Nikki Haley, Trump’s top diplomat, who would appear to be running for president.

The darkly funny "Mind Games" is a game within a game—of passive aggression, gaslighting, and guilt-tripping.

National Geographic outs itself as a racist magazine, hoping to gain credibility by coming clean.

Black sports stars embrace the "Wakanda Forever" salute.

A man tries to be the champion runner of a single mile in his neighborhood. He succeeds and he doesn't.

An artist explains how she turns discarded plastic bottles into plein air paintings.

An interesting critique of Steven Pinker’s sources, methodology, cherry-picking.

Much ado about Stephen Hawking dying on "Pi Day," which is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

He was extremely highly regarded, in view of his many greatly impressive, sometimes revolutionary, contributions to the understanding of the physics and the geometry of the universe. A scientist’s obituary for Stephen Hawking, “an extraordinarily determined person.”

Video: Stephen Hawking had a great sense of humor.