Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Grind to a salt

The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 shot loses power against the Omicron coronavirus variant, the manufacturer says, but a booster restores protection. / STAT

Recent: Some of the recent Omicron news explained by Sciencewhizliz. / Instagram

Some high-profile Democrats are starting to oppose vaccine mandates, specifically applied to private business. / Politico

Two years later, the would-be radical Boris Johnson administration has run into the ground. / The Economist

British healthcare workers, poorly paid, are said to supplement or replace their jobs with sex work. / Rheumatology News

Young sex workers reportedly are being scammed by fake sugar daddies, known as "salt daddies." / i-D

In 2021, the side eye emoji saw a 40 percent increase in usage in Tinder bios globally. / Tinder

A new map of Earth's moon summarizes "the current state of lunar geologic knowledge." / Astropedia

Robert Muggah: In a long overdue step, the UN Security Council may finally address climate security. / Foreign Policy

Amsterdam offers cash to help local groups buy out businesses selling clogs to tourists. / Bloomberg CityLab

Researchers create a new type of optical system—"a metasurface"—to make a powerful camera the size of a grain of salt. / Princeton University

In case you've ever been puzzled by a Jeff Koons balloon animal: an explanation of methods for making stainless steel spheres. / The Morning News

Among some recent RIPs, flowers for Greg Tate, the journalist and critic, and Jamaican bassist Robbie Shakespeare. / Kottke, Pitchfork

Watch: A toaster from 1949, the Sunbeam Radiant Control model, would seem to be better than most toasters sold today. Also, simulating a virtual world for a thousand years. / The Morning News, YouTube

A database of almost 100,000 bird interactions finds the American crow to be the most obnoxious at a feeder. / The Washington Post

A report from a truly horrible-sounding meal—or just a long, horrendous prank—at "the worst Michelin starred restaurant, ever." / The Everywhereist