Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Half and half not.

On Wednesday, 3,054 people died from the coronavirus in the US—the highest daily death toll in the pandemic so far. / NPR

We posted a link to an article yesterday stating that Biden wants "100 million Americans vaccinated in his first 100 days." The president-elect's team later clarified that this refers to 100 million individual doses for the two-part vaccine—and therefore 50 million Americans. / BuzzFeed News

One big problem with a two-part Covid-19 vaccine is that with multi-dose vaccines, more than half of recipients fail to take the second dose. / Vox

According to a survey, up to half of Americans might refuse the vaccine. A quarter aren't sure if they want to get it, and another quarter say they won't get it at all. / Associated Press

A sign of what's to come: Anti-vaxxers are spreading lies about the grandmother from the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine program. / VICE

Fact-checking that viral list of deadliest days in American history: Though well-intended, it's incomplete and leaves out some historical context. / Slate

“In business, academia, and other fields of science, women do not have roles nearly as prominent as they do right now in vaccine development." / Bloomberg

Heartbreaking letters to Santa show how hard the pandemic has been on some children. / CNN

The FTC and 48 attorneys general have filed a lawsuit against Facebook, alleging monopoly power and an "unlawful scheme" against its competition. / BuzzFeed News

Because more than half of Trump's votes came from states he lost, most Trump voters won't be represented in the electoral college. / The Washington Post

Background on the Texas lawsuit—that Trump and 17 other states have now joined—against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin seeking to overturn the election outcome. / NPR, SCOTUSblog

A Trump supporter impersonated Trump family members on Twitter, and appears to have finally fooled the president as well. / The New York Times

Of the 9% of US adults who are confident they can tell if a news org does its own reporting, 23% could not do so correctly. / Pew Research Center

An interview with Black Market Dub, who's remixing songs by Bowie, Talking Heads, the Clash, and more into dub reggae tracks. / The Morning News

Ambient composer Harold Budd has died at 84 from Covid-19. Here is “First Light,” from The Plateaux of Mirror, a collaboration with Brian Eno that TMN’s Andrew Womack named album of the year for 1980. / Pitchfork, The Morning News

Hunter Biden says he's being investigated by federal authorities over his business activities in China. / CNN

The richest 1% produces twice the carbon emissions of the poorest 50%. To slow climate change, the wealthy must reduce their footprints by a factor of 30. / The Washington Post

"I’m worried students will take on more loans, only to re-enter a compromised labor market." How 2020 could worsen the wealth gap. / Vox

Theories on why there don't seem to be as many serial killers today, compared to the latter half of the 20th century. / Discover

An interactive explanation of how camera lenses work. / Bartosz Ciechanowski