Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: “Here come the Puerto Ricans.”

Florida governor Rick Scott heads to Puerto Rico to coordinate recovery efforts. A vast migration of Puerto Ricans to Florida is expected in the months ahead.

Warned that Puerto Rico may become his Katrina, Trump waives the Jones Act.

Hugh Hefner dies at home at 91, remembered by many for many things, but especially his efforts as a civil rights activist.

The first interview to run in Playboy featured a then-unknown Alex Haley talking to Miles Davis.

A mother tells her daughter what it was like to work at Playboy in the early 1960s.

And now, back to the Republicans: Here are six charts that help explain the GOP’s tax plan.

Over the past decade, America made $63 billion more in tax revenue from refugees than refugees cost America.

“America is seeing nearly as much cultural conflict as it did in the late 1960s. It’s quite possible that after four years of this Trump will have effectively destroyed the prevailing culture.” David Brooks says Trump is doing exactly what he was elected to do—destroy post-Protestant America.

Among the 21 things Mr. Trump has called "beautiful" in public: Dubai's airport, a Trump mask, Belgium (the city).

North Korean envoys have been quietly approaching conservative US scholars to decipher Trump's messages.

This is white supremacy: Corporate sponsors are dropping NFL players who take a knee.

Teddy Roosevelt intervened to make football less dangerous.

"What do we do in infinite crisis?" The great film critic David Thomson reviews the new Vietnam miniseries.

Photographs of gamblers and gambling from the early '90s in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Things women can't do in Saudi Arabia: Marry, divorce, travel, open a bank account, get a job without permission.

Nearly two-thirds of traffic tickets handed out recently in San Francisco have gone to Uber and Lyft drivers.

A new app that monetizes New York City's private bathrooms says Seinfeld’s George Costanza was not an inspiration.

“On Facebook, the most common terms associated with the phrase ‘my husband is …’ are ‘the best’, ‘my best friend’, ‘amazing’, ‘the greatest’ and ‘so cute’. On Google, the top five are ‘amazing’, ‘a jerk’, ‘annoying’, ‘gay’ and ‘mean’. It would be interesting to know if there’s a husband out there who achieves the full Google set and is an amazing annoying mean gay jerk.” John Lanchester gets to the heart of what Facebook is and what it does.

Tattooing, still associated with gangsters, suffers another setback in Japan: artists need a medical licence.

An old/new take on air conditioning in New Delhi: water and clay tubes lower the temperature by almost 10 degrees.

The EPA's spending $25,000 to construct a soundproof booth for director Scott Pruitt... to avoid his co-workers.

We wish you a happy Thursday with a little bit of this: Cher and David Bowie, live on Cher’s variety show in 1975, sing what appears to be a nearly endless medley of pop songs, bookended by Bowie’s hot new release “Young Americans.”