Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Homicide squad.

Despite Russia’s “peace plan,” Kurdish forces say a Turkish land offensive has forced thousands to flee. Turkey doesn’t deny it.

Trump’s betrayal of Kurdish allies for Russia and Iran worries evangelical supporters.

Approval of the impeachment inquiry reaches its highest level, with 55% in favor of possibly deposing a president whose lawyers argue should be allowed to get away with murder.

(He already gets away with believing Colorado borders Mexico.)

Documents show Ukraine was aware the White House was holding up funds weeks earlier than previously acknowledged.

BTW: That GOP squad stunt yesterday? Many more Democrats are unable to attend the inquiry hearings compared to Republicans.

A study of over 40 million Uber trips finds that 60% of riders never tip, 1% always tip, and those who tip leave an average of $3.

Novelist Jami Attenberg drives a young, scared asylum seeker to the airport.

A fast-moving wildfire explodes overnight in Sonoma County. Blackouts start to roll through California once more.

Officials were unprepared for the evacuations required by Woolsey last year, the most destructive fire in LA County history, a new report finds.

Brazilians cry too little, too late as the government sends forces to clean up a huge oil spill that Bolsonaro first dismissed.

Related: The Amazon rainforest may stop producing enough rain to sustain itself by 2021.

More than 24 billion pairs of shoes were made in 2018. In many cases they’re completely made of plastic, and headed soon for a landfill.

Tracking the states—and countries—where adoptable dogs come from originally before they wind up in your local shelter.

From 2017, a conversation with an anti-natalist—one who believes human beings should stop having kids for reasons of compassion.

A quick guide for non-African sports commentators who seem to have a thing against West African names.

See also: Robin Sloan says this is what copyediting for video games looks like.

Gary Gulman talks about making comedy out of his clinical depression.

An interview with Tel Aviv's Ori Toor about his incredibly dense illustrations.

Coffee tastes better in autumn, on a street in Manhattan, in a paper cup. Short of that: this vintage TMN mug.

Roxane Gay has many opinions about plane travel. Her most passionate are against the indignity that is carry-on luggage.

Craig Mod's tips for surviving air travel: Arrive extremely early. Wear a face mask. Seal yourself off from everything.