Donald Trump shocks a room full of Republicans by endorsing nearly every gun-control measure sought by Democrats, though both sides think he’ll bend with the wind.

FYI: Americans tend to bend over in a way that makes us look like cashews.

Thanks to the Dickey Amendment, government dollars can't be spent on public health research about guns.

Trump’s communications director resigns after confessing that she told the President “white lies” to make him feel better.

Antisemitic incidents in the US rose 57% last year while Trump failed to condemn religious bigotry.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has twice received forged letters nominating Trump.

A 26-year-old British woman is jailed for life after committing her "bucket list" murder.

A photo essay shows life in America's 24-hour daycare centers, where workers raise the children of the overworked.

An expert on refugee law says immigration in America is a family story, especially the good parts.

Dolce & Gabbana replaced models with flying drones for a recent fashion show. Meanwhile, two-thirds of Barbara Streisand’s dogs are clones.

Anecdotes from the frequent-flying life of the NBA's favorite barbers, who cut hair anywhere, anytime.

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian welcomes a healthy Serena Williams back to tennis with a series of billboards.

California votes to allow truly driverless cars—i.e., no safety driver—to hit the roads in April.

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Thanks to two Netflix series, “narcoturistas” bring big business and painful shame to Colombia.

Is it possible to focus too much on history? Academics' responses to Black Panther suggest yes.

Ta-Nehisi Coates explains his plans for Captain America’s next steps.

"Coincidences" is a marvelous series of "had to be there" photographs by Jonathan Higbee.

Fifteen percent of teens send sexts. Twelve percent send sexts of other teens, without their consent.

"Don't go to bed angry" is bad advice for couples. Instead, try to re-affirm that you're both on the same team.

Clothes stiffening into position overnight
on chairs or on the backs of chairs—
that is like a marriage too.

A poem for your coffee break: “On the Deployment of Simile to Understand Good Marriages,” by Vona Groarke.