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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: “I will represent them myself, OK?”

Long after floodwaters recede, Houstonians may deal with health problems due to mold, the effects of which "we're only beginning to understand."

The world is so big, and we are so small: Aerial photos of the Houston flooding.

A brief selection of the stories of everyday Houstonians who've been saving their neighbors' lives.

Using their experiences from Katrina, former government workers have been crowdsourcing and mapping social media cries for help during Harvey.

To bring the scale of Harvey flooding closer to (your) home, this is what a 500-year flood would look like in other cities.

Federal judge halts Texas ban on sanctuary cities—including Houston, whose mayor, Sylvester Turner, says he'll personally represent individuals in need.

Whole Foods price comparisons show it's now even cheaper than some traditional supermarket chains.

“Next time you see a country like North Korea or Iran behaving in a way that seems hard to explain, remember the story of why the United States recommitted in Afghanistan.” What happens when we explain US foreign policy the way that Americans explain the behavior of other countries.

Kim Jong-un has launched 18 missiles in 2017. His father launched 16 missiles in his entire lifetime.

Gerrymandering critic in North Carolina gerrymanders a district to include his new weekend house.

“We should tell China that it has to pay to play.... China would be paying not just for North Korean coal, but for North Korean compliance.” A recent op-ed on playing the China card—to control Pyongyang—by Trump’s new appointee to South Korea, Victor Cha.

In Russia's domestic politics, "state" and "private" can be the same thing—especially when hiring mercenaries.

New app Polygram uses a neural net on your phone to make emojis based on your emotional expression.

Nadal on his rising hemline: "Playing again with those long pants is not going to happen. I’m too old for that."

Last weekend, even accounting for the effects of Harvey, movie-theater attendance was at its lowest since WWII.

“The lack of an interpreter, or ‘terp,’ is the surest signal that there’s no security or seating anywhere near the front of the stage to see the music.” Ignored by venues and festivals, deaf music fans are gaining attention—thanks in part to Chance the Rapper.

James Holman, one of history's greatest explorers, considered his blindness an advantage for travel.

Billabong demonstrates the surf industry's standard practice when it comes to displaying male and female athletes.

After accidentally cutting himself with a knife, a man claimed he'd been attacked for his neo-Nazi haircut.

This is wonderful: A moving line graphs the motion of everyday objects.

Our favorite headline of the day: "Burger King launches WhopperCoin crypto-cash in Russia."

A simple trick to hear what your voice sounds like to others.