Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: IDGS, MFs

Security forces in Russia detain more than 1,300 people at protests denouncing Putin's  mobilization. / The Guardian

Russian men explain how they're trying to resist Putin's call-up of soldiers. / BBC News 

Protests spread in Iran after a 22-year-old woman is killed by the morality police. / The Economist

Envisioning what a Republican-controlled House of Representatives will look like. E.g., "shutdown fights will be frequent." / Wake Up to Politics

See also: The campaign against Tiffany Trump's existence continues apace. / Slate

Scientists estimate the total mass of ants on Earth at about 12 megatons of dry carbon, or nearly 20 quadrillion ants. / Business Insider

With Brazil's government encouraging deforesting the Amazon, preservationists (of sorts) try to sell carbon offsets to protect land. / Reuters

See also: Why did we wait so long for wind power? / Construction Physics

Inside the remaking of LaGuardia's Terminal B, now honored for its design—"a bit like Arby's winning a James Beard Award." / mint

From Sabrina Orah Mark, some thoughts on rebuilding after your house burns down. / Astra

The first female police captain in the US was known for her dioramas: crime scenes showing "cozy interiors combined with death." / Al Jazeera

Multiple factors explain the difficulty of nabbing reservations at trendy restaurants right now. One big issue: wealthy people's workarounds. / bon appétit

Britain's record for "most pubs visited in 24 hours" gets broken once again—the third time in under 12 months. / Food & Wine

It is a special pleasure to link this year after year: "it's decorative gourd season, motherfuckers." / McSweeney's