Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: It was like that when I got here

According to officials, the US intends to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions, which can endanger civilians by spreading unexploded bomblets. / NPR

Russian jets harassed US military drones that were carrying out an operation against the Islamic State in Syria. / CBS News

How grassroots movements near and (often very) far have helped provide Ukraine with essential supplies and support throughout the war. / WIRED

Around 18 million doses of the first malaria vaccine will arrive in Africa by 2025. / Barron's

"In a 44-page report it seemed at pains to say was not its own idea," the White House floats an idea to block out the sun to slow climate change. / The New Republic

Meta's Twitter clone launched everywhere but the EU yesterday—here are the red flags in its privacy policy that may have contributed to its delay. / Quartz

See also: "Our communities are worth a lot more than the underlying tool used at some point in time." Stop trying to make social networks succeed. / Ploum

When venerable publications hollow out their staff, what becomes of authoritative sources? And were they ever authoritative in the first place? / The Biblioracle Recommends

Why US libraries are required to post signs near photocopiers to mislead users on copyright law. / The Scholarly Kitchen

"Only after what regrettably happened did I learn of the antiquity of the monument." A tourist—or from the sound of it, ChatGPT—apologizes for defacing the Colosseum. / The Guardian

An 1898 geologic map of Manhattan. / Reddit

"It ends up looking about the size of a football and I think it has inspired how I view the construction of a sandwich for nearly 30 years now." On the sandwich from Dave. / The Melt

If it can go in a flexible portion control packet, it goes here. / Condiment Packet Gallery

Finalists have been announced for the Tiny Awards—a small prize celebrating the "small, playful and heartfelt web"—and voting is now open. / Tiny Awards