Fires on Maui kill at least 36 and destroy historic Lahaina, the Hawaiian kingdom’s original seat of power. / The Honolulu Star Advertiser

The term “global warming” first appeared in print 48 years ago this week. / History

To prepare for future heat waves, cities and architects need to think past air conditioning—with green roofs, cool pavements, and more trees. / Boston Review

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​​Ecuador declares a 60-day state of emergency after Fernando Villavicencio, a presidential candidate who alleged links between drug traffickers and the government, is shot dead. / Reuters, BBC News 

Migrants aren’t smuggling fentanyl into the United States from Mexico—a day in the life of an actual drug courier. / NPR

Unrelated/related: Historical rates of alcohol consumption compared between beer- and wine-drinking countries. / LeFineder’s Substack

Astronomers say free-floating planets—”dark, isolated orbs roaming the universe”—far outnumber those bound to a host star in the Milky Way. / The New York Times

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Pictures of East London teenagers renting supercars for prom. David Hockney unveils a portrait of Harry Styles. / The Face, It’s Nice That

A “full-blown Steve Jobs fanboy” builds a replica version of the Apple founder’s Birkenstocks. / The Wall Street Journal

An archive preserves Japanese films made on paper instead of celluloid. / The Japanese Paper Film Project

Camp ToB, the Tournament of Books’ summer pop-up, enters its August vibe: “Historical women
in harsh lands.” / The Tournament of Books