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Thursday headlines: Laughter, anger, donuts, robots.

US health authorities say they’ve identified the first case of coronavirus that doesn’t have known ties to an existing outbreak.

Saudi Arabia halts travel to the holiest sites in Islam over coronavirus fears just months ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, Chinese social media “is full of laughter and anger.”

Shares of Corona beer-maker Constellation Brands Inc. dived 8% this week.

Where the coronavirus and the climate crisis cross paths: at the false choice between adaptation and mitigation.

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Trump and his backers envision a coronavirus conspiracy trying to thwart his reelection.

According to evaluations of 26 children and adults, Trump's separation of families at the border constitutes torture.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria has reached horrifying new levels, according to a UN official.

The Kremlin’s strategy in 2020 for US meddling is openly available for all to see: "Secure the base, split the opposition."

Want to figure out who’s the villain in a mystery movie? According to director Rian Johnson, it’s the person using Android (because Apple won’t allow bad guys to carry iPhones).

Tips on how to shoplift from Amazon's new camera-spying store.

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Not all coders are professional software engineers or tech slaves. Some are more like the equivalent of home cooks.

Artistic couples discuss the pros and cons of working together.

A week of outfits from an afrofuturist, a global security consultant, a fashion designer, and an amputee mother of four.

Black cosplayers are harassed online for not looking adequately "accurate" because of their skin color.

A database of the 1367 journalists killed so far between 1992 and 2020.

Nick Paumgarten profiles a Montana therapist/shaman trying to help professional climbers cope when their colleagues die.

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"I have to deal with myself. That’s what it gets down to for each of us. Understanding is up to you. It’s up to me. There’s no escape." Due to pulmonary fibrosis, Sonny Rollins is fully retired from the saxophone, and now contemplates even bigger mysteries.

Cats of the internet enjoy FKA Twigs.