Nigeria gets hit by widespread power cuts following a "total system collapse." / BBC News 

Increasing protectionism in South Africa, which currently has an unemployment rate around 30 percent, hurts thousands of skilled migrants. / rest of world

Previously known as the murder capital of the world, Medellín, Colombia, is suffering from mass tourism. / Bloomberg

Unrelated: Null Island exists at the meeting point of the prime meridian and the equator. It's also not an island. / Atlas Obscura

A student-built electric vehicle goes from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a record 0.956 seconds. / Kottke

Travel advice for trans people in the United States, based on state laws and practical safety. / Travel While Trans

Lea Page: For an American woman crossing Europe alone on foot, the only thing to truly fear is men. / The Guardian

"These stones are a painful reminder of a cultural genocide." Profile of a strongman seeking out Irish "lifting stones." / GQ

A long story about the travels and travails of the watch Yoko Ono gave to John Lennon two months before he died. / Hodinkee

Gaby Dal Valle: The tradwife model is very much pioneer burlesque. / The Baffler

Simone Biles, Sha'Carri Richardson and Coco Gauff made this a summer to remember for Black women. / The Wakeful

On its twentieth anniversary, literary website The Millions shines light on some of its best stories about writers just being writers. / The Millions

Members of the Italian rock band Måneskin are perhaps both "the only rock stars of their generation" and "absolutely terrible at every conceivable level." / The New York Times Magazine