Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Lil Blimpy

Vladimir Putin claims victory in the port city of Mariupol, declaring it "liberated" after nearly two months of siege. / Reuters

David Herszenhorn: Western allies’ additional help for Ukraine may be too little, too late. / Politico Europe

Mystery clouds the case of Brittney Griner in Moscow, “easily the most prominent American citizen known to be jailed by a foreign government.” / The Associated Press

The US economy grows moderately amid the Ukraine invasion and high inflation. / Bloomberg

For policymakers, inflation has surprisingly low costs, but “the psychological costs of high inflation are real.” / The Economist

About 46% of full-time social media “creators” make less than $1,000 annually. / TechCrunch

Many of China’s 300 million migrant workers pivoted during the pandemic from construction and service work to Covid-19 control, becoming “big whites.” / NPR

Unrelated: “Around 400 million people are learning English in China as I write this.” / Poetry Magazine

A majority of people in the United States continue to support a mask requirement for travelers. / The Associated Press

Two decades ago, a report on systemic racism sent shockwaves through medicine. Today, the same disparities remain. / STAT

The US has the highest maternal mortality rate among industrialized countries. Since 2000, it's risen nearly 60 percent. / The Guardian

Polyester accounts for more than half of global fiber consumption, about twice that of cotton. / Works in Progress

In the 17th and 18th centuries, people wore beauty patches, or mouches, on their face. The English parliament called it an "immoral vice." / Messy Nessy

A group of Italian designers releases a line of bongs that can't be hidden ”when mum comes home." / dezeen

An interview with the man who picks words for the New York Times’s Spelling Bee game—“and then he goes off to read the next angry email.” / 1843 Magazine

For the billionaire who has everything: a 656-foot blimp that carries around a 197-foot yacht. / Airyacht