Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Little fresh meat

The cost of visiting Hong Kong during Omicron can include being sent to the city's government quarantine camp. / CNN

Helen Branswell: Hong Kong may become a living laboratory in search for Covid-19 answers. / STAT 

Headlines of the week? "At Beijing Games, hugs discouraged but condoms available." / Reuters

See also: Men in China supposedly want to look like "little fresh meat" or "puppy dog boyfriend." / Jing Daily

Neil Young yanks his music off Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan's vaccine misinformation. Subsequently, "who is Neil Young" trends on social media. / The Guardian, Forbes

Kurt Anderson: Thanks to the conservative campaign against vaccines, we're experiencing "ritual human sacrifice on a mass scale." / The Atlantic

Supreme Court justice Stephen G. Breyer says he will step down once Biden chooses his successor. / The Washington Post

What congressional redistricting looks like in every state. / FiveThirtyEight

A study finds that giving poor mothers a year of cash stipends improves their babies' cognitive development. / Business Insider

Some blankets, scarves, and socks designed to communicate climate data. / Temperature Textiles

A brief video of polar bears occupying an abandoned meteorological station. / The Morning News

Looking for the "kingpin" who's said to dominate the Colombian trade of selling baby sloths to tourists. / National Geographic

A tennis fan returns the spotlight to Peng Shuai, post-Djokovic brouhaha, with a T-shirt that becomes a cause célèbre. / The New York Times

Jon Wertheim: Stars are awesome, but stars are not bigger than the sport. / Sports Illustrated

Remembering the Mojave Phone Booth (extinct) and the Graham Cinema's answering machine (still active). / The Morning News

Some weirdly gothic society portraits in a round-up of Gerald Brockhurst paintings. / Meanwhile

Two men in Ireland attempt to collect a dead man's pension by propping up his corpse at the post office. / The Associated Press

"A psychiatrist would have a field day with [his] sexually-inspired fears." When you find out your dead uncle was a witch hunter. / The Walrus