Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Master of the flying quarantine

In the US, more than 71,000 people a day are testing positive on average, up from 51,000 two weeks ago. / The Associated Press


Related: “A room, a bar, and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air.” / El País


Cases of the coronavirus grew at a faster rate than before in at least five counties after Trump held a rally. / USA Today


After flying 40 friends to an island, Kim Kardashian is criticized for “performative quarantine.” / Vox


Amanda Mull: The pandemic has broken Americans’ understanding of what to fear. / The Atlantic


Regarding Dodger Justin Turner celebrating maskless with his teammates: “Sports is and always will be a metaphor for society.” / ESPN


See also: “No, Skiing Isn’t a Welcome Place for People of Color—Not Yet.” / Powder


"Four years ago, nobody knew how Trump would govern." Sixteen reasons why 2020 is nothing like 2016. / POLITICO Magazine


The Supreme Court allows extended deadlines for receiving mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Voters who haven’t mailed in their ballots yet are encouraged to vote in person or use designated drop boxes. / Reuters


Dexter Filkins: Will Florida decide the presidential race or throw it into confusion? / The New Yorker


Elaina Plott: “Win or lose, it's Donald Trump's Republican Party.” / The New York Times Magazine


Google Trends data show people’s interest level about different election-related topics. / Waves of Interest


An informal presidential poll of children sponsored by Nickelodeon gets targeted by bots. / The Hollywood Reporter


Foreign correspondents describe what it’s like covering American politics. / The Morning News


"We can’t distinguish people’s politics from glances into their fridges much more reliably than if we just flipped a coin." / The New York Times


White supremacist groups led by zoomers (people born in the late ‘90s or early ‘00s) envision Trump as the beginning, not the end. / BuzzFeed News


A policy advisor in Homeland Security reveals himself in a blog post to be that critic from inside the administration known as “Anonymous.” / Medium, The Washington Post


Hurricane Zeta, which made landfall as a Category 2 storm in southern Louisiana, starts to lose intensity. / NPR


Historically in California, somewhere between 4.4 million and 12 million acres used to burn every year. / NPR


Daisugi is a Japanese method for managing forests that fells just the upper portions, leaving the base and root structure intact. / Colossal


Heather McTeer Toney: It’s time for a cultural moment around the word “environmentalist.” / Heated


An interview with the owner of the house in Kentucky that has become a popular/accidental video game online. / Waxy


Israeli artist Michal Levy, who experiences chromaesthesia, does a rendering of John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.” / The Morning News

Six years later, a man finally frees himself of that free/forced U2 album. / Vulture