Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Meet me at the museum.

The Supreme Court just struck down New York's law requiring people have "proper cause" to carry a concealed weapon. / Axios

Checking the "good guy with a gun" theory: In 22 of 433 shooting attacks, a bystander shot the perpetrator. / The New York Times

"The thing about gun crimes is that there aren't really any survivors." Aubrey Hirsch on living two lives: the one before being held at gunpoint, and the one after. / The Audacity

There were at least three separate documentary crews at the Capitol on Jan. 6: one filming the Proud Boys, another there for Trump, and a third focused on Alex Jones. / The Washington Post

EU leaders are ready to make Ukraine a candidate for membership, though formal talks aren't likely to start until next year. / Associated Press

Citing a lack of evidence as to health risks, the FDA has ordered Juul to halt sales of its e-cigarette devices and pods. / NBC News

Because people should know: How, when, and why abortions are most commonly performed. / The Washington Post

Stopping the monkeypox outbreak requires containing it before it can jump to more species—once it does, there's no going back. / The Atlantic

"Women are 13% less likely to be credited with authorship than men on a [scientific] paper and 58% less likely to receive credit on a patent." / STAT

In a new proof of concept, a tiny robotic fish can swim around and remove microplastics from seas and oceans. / The Guardian

Amazon announces that Alexa will be able to synthesize deep fakes of people's voices based on audio clips as short as one minute. / Gizmodo

The true story of Tanis—the "lost city" from Raiders of the Lost Ark—the discovery of which was entirely overshadowed by World War II. / National Geographic

"I've also considered using thin, engraved steel plates for longevity." On physical certificates versus blockchains for art authentication. / Paul Slocum

According to new research, going to an art museum can improve stress and help people "feel less lonely and more connected." / Hyperallergic

See also: The rise of dissociation music. / Pitchfork