Tropical storm Idalia knocks out power for thousands in the Carolinas after leaving a trail of destruction across the Southeast. / CNN

Climate protesters park a 28-foot trailer across the road to Burning Man, causing miles of gridlock. / Vox

A pharmacist in DC admits she's filled Alzheimer's prescriptions for people currently running our government. (Gated story; summary here.) / STAT, Vox

See also: A review of news photographs finds President Biden recently preferring the "short stairs" to board Air Force One. / NPR

Some 12,500 nuclear warheads exist worldwide, down from 70,400 in 1986. / The Economist

New research proposes that our brains may sort memories by evaluating how likely they are to be useful in the future. / Quanta Magazine

See also: Researchers find signs of REM sleep in spiders, cuttlefish, lizards, and zebrafish. / Knowable Magazine

Social media users are said to be moving to direct messages, closed communities, and group chats. / Business Insider

A group of tech billionaires are buying farmland northeast of San Francisco to create their own city. / Mashable

The UK gets its first "two-dimensional" cafe, an optical illusion popular in parts of Asia. / Hypebeast

A remembrance for a forgotten street (Coenties Slip) that played a pivotal role in New York City's mid-century art movement. / Artforum

Unrelated: Players at the US Open complain of cannabis smoke, "the unofficial scent of the city." / The Associated Press 

Also unrelated: Pictures of Singapore's neighborhoods organized by hue. / The Straits Times

LEGO releases its first model of braille bricks available for public purchase. / My Modern Met

A working online clock made from YouTube videos. / The Pudding

An online graphic novel investigates the plight of a woman who had part of her brain removed by a Smithsonian anthropologist. / The Washington Post