Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: My Cubist period was a millisecond.

To avoid another government shutdown, Congress must pass a short-term spending bill by midnight tonight. The Senate is expected to approve a bipartisan deal today that includes military budget increases and an additional CHIP funding extension—but, notably, no DACA protections.

The bipartisan bill’s passage is less certain in the House, where Rep. Pelosi took the House floor for a record-breaking eight hours yesterday to excoriate the bill and its lack of protection for Dreamers.

The head of the Dept. of Homeland Security says Russia targeted 21 states' voter rolls ahead of the 2016 election, and successfully accessed some of them.

Tumblr has avoided scrutiny over Russia meddling, but it was rife with propaganda targeting young African Americans.

Redfish, a Berlin "grassroots" media group, is a Kremlin-backed disinformation outlet infiltrating Europe's left.

Reasons not to embrace Zimbabwe's new rulers: Mugabe is gone, but authoritarianism is alive and well.

Drug-resistant gonorrhea is on the rise in China and the US. Untreated, it can cause infertility and death.

Wage growth spooked Wall Street, but acceleration in wages isn't broad—it's mainly managers.

A chart of three decades of the Dow shows Monday's plunge was a drop in the bucket.

World Bank President Jim Kim arrived promising reform—now he's cozy with the capitalists.

A new report shows automation will displace more men than women from their jobs.

In response to a rise in road deaths, France bans phone use—even while pulled over—and lowers speed limits.

Louisville wants to deploy drones that can arrive at the scene of a shooting before 911 is even called.

“You’re trying to develop Oakland into a playground and bedroom community for San Francisco professionals... That means getting rid of Muslims, black and brown people, and protesters. You know this and so do developers.” Many Oaklanders blame tech for pushing them out—now it appears Google is aiding the city’s plans for surveillance.

The biggest mistake of strategic communications is building awareness instead of will.

Hannah Price's portraits of men captured just moments after they harassed her on the street.

Amazon goes big on audiobooks, producing them in-house, adding bonus content, and releasing ahead of other formats.

Paintings of real humans and animals wrapped inside their popular cartoon depictions.

It was the baby’s cold dead eyes that shook me, the way it stared expressionless into a black void while it danced nightmarishly through the Uncanny Valley. How Rob Sheridan found a dancing baby animation in 1996 and inadvertently launched the first meme to escape the web.

A one-minute video rendered in hundreds of different art styles, spanning centuries of art history.

Lauren Ko's homemade pies and tarts offer dazzling geometric shapes.

Pizzerias say an ACA rule requiring nutrition data in stores is onerous—the toppings create too many permutations.

A heatmap of every taxi ride around New York City between 2009 and 2016.