Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Never let me go.

Kazuo Ishiguro, master of memory, is your Nobel Laureate for Literature for 2017.

Fascinating stuff: How Kazuo Ishiguro wrote The Remains of the Day, with a little help from Tom Waits, in four weeks of extreme seclusion.

Without offering any specifics, Trump says his administration will help wipe out Puerto Rico's debt.

As the White House tries to curb ACA signups, former Obama officials launch an enrollment campaign.

Alabama pulls voting rights for outstanding fines, "fostering an underclass of thousands" too poor to vote.

“It’s hard to reconcile that people without freedom are responsible for creating our symbols of it. But it’s a sign of what America has always been: a land in which freedom is only given to some.” Incarcerated women make dentures, mattresses—and flags.

The Red Cross was MIA in Houston after Harvey, reneging on promises and leaving locals to fend for themselves.

In a first, more solar photovoltaics were added in 2016 than any other electricity source, including coal.

In December Yahoo said a billion accounts were breached—actually it was all three billion Yahoo accounts.

“Nobody warns you about the part where a cop convinces a slave that she cannot escape unless he is allowed to keep her. Nobody warns you about that part.” Watching Blade Runner for the first time, Sarah Gailey sees our present condition, not the future.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s forthcoming album previews at Bandcamp, notable for its optimistic treatment of a lifecycle, from birth to death and all the tender moments in between.

One of the finest early Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers televised performances: this 1978 version of “American Girl” on the BBC.