Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: News from the multiverse.

“This will only strengthen him,” a bartender at the president’s hotel said as he prepared another round of cocktails. “Right?”

For his conduct toward Ukraine and his refusal to cooperate with an inquiry, Donald Trump is the third president in US history to be impeached.

At his annual end-of-year news conference, Putin eagerly defends Trump.

The middle aisle in the House of Representative separates the political parties, but on Wednesday “it seemed to separate two parallel universes.”

Demonstrations are planned in 20 Indian cities as anger mounts over a citizenship bill that discriminates against Muslims.

This past weekend, Vancouver witnessed a (short) flight of the world’s first all-electric harbor plane.

A new nuclear reactor from an energy startup in Oregon is not only comparatively tiny, but said to be demonstrably safer.

For the second time in two months, New South Wales declares an emergency as wildfires rage around Sydney.

The Climate Action Tracker monitors 32 countries’ progress on tackling the climate crisis.

Photographs of the French Alps not covered in snow.

An American types up some notes on Europeans during a flight home from Germany, after working for a Danish company.

In struggling towns that are "infrastructurally obese," expansion compounds problems and prevents bouncing back.

Did you know? The median price of a funeral in 2017 was $7,360.

In case you were focused elsewhere: 99 stories of good news from 2019.

Art critic Peter Schjeldahl, with only a few months left to live, is “taking in every last detail of the pulsating world.”

Some landscape prints of the California coast influenced by the Japanese Ukiyo-ë style.

Very rarely do the worlds of mass celebrity and independent book publishing intersect—except in the case of Kendall Jenner.

Watch: How to alternate between monophonic and polyphonic overtone singing.

A list of the 12 top-performing movies in the US last weekend contains all 26 letters of the alphabet.